Classes at Saint Andrew’s School

We currently have four classrooms all of which are a good size, attractive, safe and well equipped.

Nursery and Reception (2-4 year olds)

Nursery and Reception share a room comprising a house and dressing up corner, reading area, computer and laptop access, and a plentiful supply of games and puzzles. All equipment can be easily accessed by the children who are encouraged to make good independent use of all the resources. Much of the day is spent in the outdoor area which is again well- equipped. Outdoor education and play support emotional, behavioural and intellectual development. At Saint Andrew´s we recognize the impact that being outdoors has on children`s learning and development.

Years 1 and 2 (5-6 year olds)

Years 1 and 2 share another well-equipped classroom and also use the outdoor learning area several times each day.

Years 3 and 4 (7-8 year olds)

Years 3 and 4 share a well-equipped though somewhat more formal classroom. Computers are integrated into all curricular areas and are well used by both teachers and pupils.

Years 5 – 7 (9-12 year olds)

Years 5-7 are taught in another well organised, tidy and amply resourced classroom, where emphasis is placed on more formal learning appropriate to their age. The pupils are encouraged and supported to develop their ICT and research skills using the well-stocked library and internet facilities.

Throughout Saint Andrew’s School there are bright, eye-catching displays, a mixture of teacher-led projects and pupils’ own work, containing information for the children to read and learn from. Photographs of the children at work, play and on excursions are included to foster a sense of school pride and belonging.

The playground is brightly painted and has plenty of both large and small equipment and outdoor toys, where the children can play and relax in a supervised setting.

The playground is brightly painted and has plenty of both large and small equipment and outdoor toys, where the children can play and relax in a supervised setting.

Our day

The doors to Saint Andrew’s School open from 08.30. If you need to get to work you are welcome to drop your child off from 07.30. There is a small fee for looking after your child from 07.30 – 08.30. Pupils in Years 4-7 may enter from 08:30 – 08:45, Years 3-4 from 08:45 – 09:00, Years 1-2 from 09:00-09:15 and Nursery/Reception from 09:15-09:30.

Classes start promptly and we do ask you not to be late as this disturbs the lesson which has already started. Pupils have a morning break during which time they eat the snack they have brought with them and play in the playground.

Lunch (see Fees for prices/menu) is at 12.30 for Years 1-4 and 13:00 for Nursery/Reception and Years 5-7. The majority of pupils stay at school partaking of a nutritious hot lunch provided by a private caterer. You are welcome to take your child home at 12:30 to eat at home returning for the start of the afternoon session at 13:30.

The afternoon session commences at 13:30; Nursery – Year 2 finish at 15:15 and Y3-7 continue until 15:30. Please inform the school at the beginning of the school day if you need to take your child home early.


from 7.30 h.



St. Andrew’s English Primary school has a curriculum which is broad and balanced. It follows the British National Curriculum; primary frameworks, revised strategies and Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS ) guidance.

English is used as the teaching language. Provision is made for differentiation in each class and individual children’s needs are catered for.

Practical activities, both inside and outside the classroom, are an integral part of the pupils’ learning.

The school has a weekly assembly when the whole school comes together. This is based on PSHE themes and is also a celebration of individual achievements.

The school avails itself on a daily basis of the facilities at the local sports complex just a 5 minute walk away.

Las clases en Saint Andrew's School